Technician did not show up and nobody has contacted me

I haven't had a dial tone and created a ticket for my repair service for 2/24/2014.  I was told that I HAVE TO BE IN MY HOME when a technician comes.  But I rescheduled my appointment to 2/25/2014 later on.  Verizon called me six times during the past weekend to confirm the 2/25/2014 appointment.  Today, 2/24/2014 a technician called me at 11:30 AM and told me he is coming to my house because his schedule shows my appointment is on today after 3:00PM.  I told him he can come today instead of tomorrow.  I left my work.  I waited and waited and waited.  He did not show up.  I called the repair service for his status and learned that he is working at the central office and will call me to let me know what time he will show up tonight.  Nobody called me back.  I called the repair service again and again. Eventually, a person I spoke to said now my schedule had been rescheduled to 25th without notifying me. Nobody can come to my house today.   He also told me that I DON'T HAVE TO BE IN MY HOUSE FOR THIS ISSUE.  Verizon found out the problem is outside my house from the central office and nobody has to come in to my house.  But I left my work for your technician today.  I told him I need to talk to his supervisor about the whole miscommunication.  He told me his supervisor will call me in 15 minutes.  Of course no body has called me.

What I want to know is can you improve your communication issues here?

I also want to know you can really fix my home line without me being home tomorrow.  If I have to be in my home, can you be absolutely sure to honor your appointment so that I don't need to leave my office for waiting for someone may not show up.

Or, if he does need to come in to my house, can you give me the priority for weekend schedule or the first appointment in the morning so that my work don't suffer anymore?

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Hello loosing,

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