The Home Phone Connect device debacle
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Verizon wireless sold me a wireless Home connect land line device and did not provide full disclosure. I specifically asked if all the features I have with my local phone company comes with the device and was told it does. It does not. I wasn't told there is an additional fee to have the name displayed on caller ID and without the fee it only displayed a phone number which for me being disabled is useless. No one at Verizon Wireless could figure out how to register my account on line at "My Verizon". I was sent temporary passwords in the mail none of which worked. I was advised to "give Verizon a chance" to take care of all my issues as after the first temporary password did not work, I wanted to send the device back within 14 day return policy which in itself is unfair because if you need a password sent through the mail and it doesn't work like mine and they insist on sending another, there is no way you can abide by the 14 day return policy. After endless hours and a myriad of phone calls, chats and emails I returned the device on the 14th day from start of service through USPS with Verizon's ownlabel. Living alone and disabled, I am without a telephone for at least 5 more days. This is not only unsafe but I have health issues. The land line phone is the only phone I had. I asked if I could have it until I had service restored and a manager was consulted (Sacramento call center) and declined. Not a good corporate citizen nor consumer friendly. So here I am with no phone and hoping a health or security problem doesn't happen.   I was contacted by a lady from "executive relations" who was not familiar with my complaint and thought I was complaining about using Caller ID?!  In the meantime, I had to borrow money to go to Wal-Mart an buy a prepaid phone and I am disabled the tab so far is $80.00.  The lady from "Executive Relations" stated she would not port my number to another company until she received the device back.  I explained to her my situation and she was not empathetic at all.  I have emailed numerous times to see what the status is and hard nothing.  I have emailed numerous people as I am so frustrated and neighbors and family can't believe all this and neither can I.  One look at the notes on my account should reveal that I was fed so much misinformation about billing, the device itself, given wrong phone numbers, sent passwords three times n the mail which would work to register on "My Verizon" ... I mean I feel like I've run into a brick wall.  Two points to make.  One I didn't want or need and didn't have the money to purchase a prepaid cell phone.  Two, how can one comply with a 14 day return policy if you're relying on USPS to deliver passwords three separate times?  What really upset me is the lady from "Executive Relations" was not helpful, had no sense of urgency, wasted 50 minutes of my valuable airtime and accomplished nothing, and then we discussed buying a cell phone and plan?  Yes, I wanted to get the Home Connect Device first and a family member with Verizon was going to provide me with a cell phone and plan with Verizon.  But the lady seemed more interested in that than my dilemma.  I am at my wits end with this and it is very stressful and upsetting as I have doctor appointments to schedule and family members call to check on me.  This lady in "Executive Relations" was aware of all this because I mentioned it.  A phone is a lifeline to a disabled person and not just a can of peas.  Folks at Verizon and all wireless companies need to be aware of that.  Yes, determne my needs and go ahead and sel it to me.  But, don't misrepresent the product, or pas me along to a myriad of people or give me wrong phone numbers.  I've always ha a favorable view of Verizon but this experience has been trying to say the least.  I feel like a kid in first grade bieng punished rather than a customer.  The "attitude" of the lady in Executive relations baffles me.  No sense of urgency, no understanding of my predicament etc.  I've worked in call centers and with the myriad of people I eitherr spoke with, emailed, or chatted with, I have always been respectful as that is my nature.  Hope someone can advise on this.

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