This is CRAZY

They cut my phones off yesterday and sent a guy to do the digital change. The guy comes at noon and sits outside my house trying to call me. I saw him and went outside. That is when I found out my phones had been cut off. He says he only does 'the inside stuff' and ask me to wait a few more hours for someone else to come 'drop the line'. I tell him just to get my phones back working. I talk to a guy on the repair man cell phone that tells me my phone will be back working in an hour. Three hours later I call 6 times to who knows where(at least in the US), have to explain what the SAD story every time. Finally at 6pm I get a person that says the 'B' shift will be rebuilding the copper service links during the night. Its 8:57am. Still no phones. LUCKY I don't have Verizon internet so I am looking for another place to try and get numbers to help. Please post back if you find any numbers where anyone can help.

They kept telling me yesterday I needed to reschedule my install. They did not tell me my phones would not be working until they finished the switch because I think once the cut them off there is no going back.

They never even told me the phone service would be stopped at all.

I guess I should have chance my phone to the cable company.  

Re: This is CRAZY

I have gotten no help from anyone at verizon. {please keep it relevant}

I have been calling service for 4 hours. They take your CELL number, say they will call you back and then cut you off.

{please keep it relevant}

Re: Still not working

You can check the status of your repair by clicking here.