Total Frustration with repair lead times.

I live in a one bedroom apartment in Harlem.  The phone has been out since 3/18/12.  The first "estimate" for repair (even though the problem is outside of the apartment, the Verizon rep told me so) was 3/28/2012, I called to complain.  The revised time now is 3/26/2012. 

The line I got from the person who took the repair call was how busy they all are and basically too bad for me.  Well I called Time Warner and I'm transferring my phone service to that carrier.   I've had Verizon for over a year and every repair call is the same, the lead times are outrageous and try to get someone on the phone to talk to you and then get someone to do the repairs.  It's impossible.  I wonder how much business Verizon has lost because of their lack of attention to their customers?

Good riddance.  This reminds me of the an old comedy routine the gist of which was "we're the phone company, we don't have to care".    I do care, I need a working phone, I pay for service and I don't like the way their customer service treats people. 

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