Transferring Service

I recently  moved out of Baltimore, MD to a suburb of Baltimore about 20 miles away.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to transfer my home phone number with me.  So, I was given a new number.  The plan was that when people called the old number, they would be directed to the new number.  Unfortunately, the number on the automated recording is incorrect (if you call the number it will give you the time).

I started calling Verizon as soon as I was aware of the issue on October 15th.  I've since made at least 6 phone calls.  5 out of 6 times I was told, "this problem will be resolved by 5:00 p.m." 

Last evening I spent over an hour on the phone with a woman trying to help me.  She was bounced around to the same departments I was told to speak with (orders, repairs, FIOS, billing, etc.).  Supposedly billing needs to handle this issue, but they were gone by the time I called last night.  My nice customer service person assured me she would have her supervisor take care of the issue and would call me by 5:00 p.m. on October 21st.  Well, I have not received a call from anyone.

Does anyone know what department I need to speak with to actually handle this issue?  It seems simple enough, but apparently it's not.

Re: Transferring Service
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Stacee1175 ,  sorry for the frustration! Let me try to help you out. Your voice service is it Verizon Fios or is it regular Verizon Copper. And are you trying to say that when people call your "old" # they should hear a recording saying "the new # is" or that when people call your "old" # they should be forwarded to your new #. Thanks Brett