Tried NOMOROBO. 14x daily have us ripping out landline copper tonight. Why no bundle renogitation?
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numerous phone calls about spoofed calls all hours.

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ok still getting calls daily.

what to do? ripped out copper phone lines thru out the house.

Verizon will NOT renegotiate the bundled price, tells me $40mth + for internet/tv only.? $79 bundle in mailbox weekly yet dropping landline is MORE????

ok, keep bundle price BUT DO NOT CHARGE ME TAXES< FEES< 911 service if I have no phone to dial out as of August 2018!

Why is this so difficult to negotiate???? Don't use landline, don't want spoofed calls to: lower interest rate, buy a timeshare, free Marriott cruise, auto warranty, etc.

Been on DoNotCall registry since it was invented. Wrote to HankRyan, told to call DoNotCall Registry...REALLY? 

If Verizon cannot stop the spoofed callers, known to NoMoRobo and several other entities, I cannot pay for this service. Don't tax me for a service I can't use!

Tried to escalate numerous times, frustrating to talk to Phillipines 2am when I get home from a business trip...they never have authority to escalate????