Tryng to schedule a FIOS Move, can't because site is bugged

I am trying to schedule a FIOS move from my current location to a house 1 block away.  When I go through the relocation center website everything works fine until I reach the phone service portion.

The website will not let me continue and keeps telling me to select whether to keep my existing line or select a new line.  I have all the boxes checked and the page shows:

Yes, your phone number can be transferred.

Great News! You get to keep your current phone number


If I change my request to "Get a local number" and then attempt to change it back to "Keep your current number" it says my number is not available to be transferred.


Why wouldn't my number be available if I am moving my FIOS service from one address to another address on the same street?  And more importantly, why won't the website actually let me keep my number and continue when I have it selected?

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I conversed with another customer once who had a similar error, they ended up working with a rep on the phone and it was something off in one of the back end systems. The sales rep was able to get the error cleared and schedule the move order. Automated systems are generally pretty resilient, but sometimes human intervention is needed.

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