Turn off voicemail COMPLETELY

Is Verizon still unable to turn off my voicemail completely? I've dealt with customer service any number of times over the past few years trying to get them to do so, and today I cannot even get through to customer service. I do not want voicemail. I do not use voicemail. I do not want people who call me to leave messages. I do not want people who call me to think they are able to leave messages. I want the phone to finish ringing and disconnect. Full stop.

Instead, Verizon comes on after X number of rings and asks the caller to enter their secret code number. I do not want the caller to try to leave a message or to think they have left a message or to be frustrated because they do not know what the secret code number is. Why can't the line simply disconnect when I do not answer? PLEASE! It's been four years already and you haven't figured out how to do this.

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