Unauthorized porting of landlines number.

Anyone have this problem. I had my number "ported away" without my authorization. The phone just stopped working. There was no email or contact from Verizon that someone was attempting to do this. It took about 4 days to finally get my number back. Verizon would not or could not tell me which company had the number. To add insult to injury, they charge me 22 dollars to get my own phone back. The also made me sign up for another 24 months contract triple play since my service was disrupted. Attempts at resolving this with customer service was Kafkaesque. 

Re: Unauthorized porting of landlines number.
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I would contact your local police department.  They might be able to find out more information to identify who stole your phone number and you could make them pay for any damages (such as the cost to get your phone number back).

Re: Unauthorized porting of landlines number.
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This may happen again

Contact Verizon to see if they can place a "change Freeze " on your account

 This will prevent changes without a password

Also file a complaint with the state PUC.   I am not 100 % sure  Verizon is blameless  in this situation