Unbelievable Customer Support

During my recent home phone landline and DSL outage (caused by Verizon human error in central dial office) the customer support or trying to contact anyone locally was horrible! Call to report the outage - agent verified it was outside the home; someone would be by between 8AM and 7PM on 4/3/2013 - didn't happen nor did I get a call saying no one was available... I had to make the calls to get a status on my outage. When it was determined at 8PM locally that no one was available to repair or look at my problem (can't believe Verizon has only ONE techican that can look at my problem) I requested someone come by at 8AM the next morning - not another 11 hour window of repair... I was told "no problem". I called the next morning at 8:30AM to determine the status and was told no one was available until 10:30AM... what happened to my appointment? Local agent called at 10:45 left message was on the way - I tried to call him back, but only had the 1-800-VERIZON number and they would not give me his number or patch me through to determine if I needed to be at home (I work an hour away!)... The customer support agent said "yes" I needed to be home because the problem was inside my residence (wrong!) so I hurried home... the technician stated it was human error in the central dial office, and he had to go trace out the problem and found my pair hanging with plug cut off...

It would have so much a better experience if Verizon was able to correctly identify the problem and provide customers contact information for technicians as well as supervisors... they would not even pass me through to a supervisor to get further information... all I got was apologies "I'm sorry about that" "I'm sorry about that"...

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