Unknown, or fake phone numbers.
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I have Verizon Digital Voice which includes Anonymous Call Rejection.  I have enabled global anonymous call rejection.  However, the telemarketers have gotten sly by modifying the caller ID string that gets sent to my phone.  It is not really anonymous.  However, it does not include an actual phone number, or it includes a fake phone number ( I tried calling the number back and received a "this number no longer in service" response).  

They are using alphabetic strings in the phone number field which says 'Anonymous' or 'Private' or 'Unavailable'.  I have tried entering these strings into the phone number field of the ACR phone feature settings.  However, it will allow only numeric strings in that field.  How do I stop these nusiance calls from continuing? 

I have been on the 'Do Not Call' list for years, but these telemarketers ignore it, and without a phone number, I cannot report them.  It's really gotten terrible lately. 

I hope that Verizon can HELP!!!!!

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Hello NoTMs,

While a Verizon employee may occasionally post here, this community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly.