Unlawful Call Center - Not at all surprized with your STUPID documentation
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I have this 2 page docuemnt with the Verizon Logo on it entitled Unlawful Calls

You have kept the mushroom mentality by riddling the document with terms that only you understand:  CLEC = Verizon, CLLI = coded Location info; UCC = *who knows)

This document is probably a "approved" document that Verizon didn;t write.

Without the tems defined, it might as well be written in a foreign language.

So, in English what does:

"5. When the CLEC obtains the case numer, the CLEC provides the number to the UCC."


Now if the CLEC is Verizon, the why say "Verizon and the police work together until they close the case".  Why doesn;t it say  "The CLEC and the police work together until they close the case"

Just define: CLEC, UCC, End User in the document.  PLEASE!  I think you lack common sense.

Furthermore the police, does not have to be the agency to file the formal complaint,  It can be the FTC.

As usual, through Verizon;s "phone maze", I got  "telephone repair" who said *57 is not one of your services.  It's available for everyone. 

Now you really know why I don;t even bother to go to www.verizon.net unless I have to.

I have no idea how my accountt got locked and protected by Verizon..  I must have sent an email less than 6 times since the internet accout was opened to my email and log on just as rarely.    The password is so long, that it would be impossibe to guess.  It does't get stored in browsers or written down.

This report was about a Microsoft impersonation where they wanted to install a "remote access" sort of program on my PC".  I was in a playful mode, so i went along with the charade until they got to that point,  I really wanted to see what they were up to.  I used *57 and reported it to the FTC.

It could be useful to be able to call a number or use an option that would annouce something like: "The last call trace was on Sat <date> at <time> and was sucessful. <another blurb>

when i called *57, I was told that the call was successful asked if I wanted a call back and got "National Directory Assistance"  What?  I'm not sure if the message could optionally be repeated or if it included the time and date.

Someone needs to study ergonomics.

The stuff came up because of a neigbor got a call about threats to her sons life and my mom  got a call that I was dead.

The Microsoft call has been repeatative and I got about 6 or so in a year.

So, how about a "heads up" blurb in the next bill about call trace etc?

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UCC is the Unlawful Call Center. The CLEC isn't always verizon. There are tons of people that have their call riding the Verizon system, but they have someone else as their provider. *57 turns on call trace on the line. The UCC and the police use that to obtain information about the line. Some of the information is personal and this is why they will not tell it to you. The UCC is only for issues with businesses.  If a person will not stop calling or threatened you, call the police directly.