Unrecognized 'outbound call' number

By chance, I took a look at my bill list of calls (View Call Details) for last month and noticed a common number that seemed to be accessed at various times of the day and evening (no late nite) that was listed as Minutes of Use. When I use Verizon In-Home Agent and look at my call log, this number does not appear. I am wondering if there is some access happening from my computer or otherwise to this number and what it might be for? I called the number and it seemed to ask for the 10 digit number to access the account, like a voicemail system. I have no idea what this account is. Should I be concerned? Is there any way to track this down and get better information? I was not home for many of the 'calls'.

Re: Unrecognized 'outbound call' number
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The number that you may be showing listed may be a  voicemail access number.  The message you get is what it seems to be getting when you redial the number .  Try putting in your voicemail information and see if that is the case. I don't think there is a issue.


Tonya D.