Upgrade to Digital Phone

Last week I renewed my Triple package with Verizon, My phone service was upgraded to digital  service.

                            I was not told at the point of sales:

1-  Access to voice mail was different than that of my older service. I spent over two hours with tech support who could not help me.

They switched me back to sales who gave me new code in 1 minute? Why did not 3 tech people Know of new access code.

2- After another 2 hours + I was informed that "Call Block"  on digital service could not be accessed on my phone but only on my Computer. ODD as I was told by tech support one does not need a computer to have  to have the Digital Phone service.  Why was I not advised at point of sales so I could decide whether I wanted to upgrade ? At the time of the upgrade I had no computer.   

Sales was remiss in advising me of these changes.

Tech did not know how to deal with these changes.

Very disappointed.  

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