Using alternative phone jack point

Hi all, hope someone can help!

I recently upgraded to FiOS and am experienceing great service so far.

I do have one problem tho. During installation my corded phone was at the time plugged into the phone jack in my kids bedroom. It seems that the installer has hooked this up to be the only active jack in the entire apartment! Does anyone know or can tell me how I can change this??? It would be far more convenient to have the only phone in the house in one of the more convenient rooms ie Kitchen or Lounge, but not my kid's bedroom...

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks 🙂

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You would probably have to trace the existing wires out to either the ONT or a central point on the outside of the house.  Prior to the installation there would have been a location the existing wires came together.  How long ago was the installation done?  Maybe you should call VZ back and tell them what happened.  They should be able to fix this pretty easily.