order Service on july 22 was told service Was to be on Aug 3rd  Service Order Was Canceled on aug 4th Verizon then Replaced the order  For TRIPLE PLAY  Tv install Was on Aug 18 Phone an Internet were suppose to be on by the 19th . today is Now Aug 24 With a Repair Ticket Open since Aug 3 Still No phone Service NOr internet Service . Since Aug 3rd its Been one Dam Excuse after another . Now they Telling me there a Outage in the are I live in brooklyn Ny . This outage is a LIE My neighbor has Service My mother that lives nextdoor has Service  people down the block have service . Each time i call into Repair they calim it be on first by the 4th then the date move to the 12 then the 18 then the 19 now Today they claiming Service won't be on till the 31st of Aug . CUSTOMER SERVICE REPAIR DEPTS NO ONE KNOWS **bleep** IS GOING ON AN ITS ONE BULL**bleep** STORY AFTER ANOTHER . A CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT 30 DAYS TO GET THERE PHONE AN INTERNET SERVICE TURN ON

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