VZ Expiration.
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Bundle Standard over unreliable FIOS.

I encountered a conflict of interest again.  1)  2008.  Ordered what was called Starter Plan @ $17.99 & received an email for the Power Plan @ $29.99.  I called to cancel and received what heck of ride.  The next day, no telephone service which had nothing to do with internet cancellation.  2)  The following year, I ordered the Starter Plan, with 1 year expiration, with locked in price for an additional 1 year.  Just before internet access was to expire, I called customer support to confirm expiration.  Yet, the following month I received the billing for internet.  I called customer support and this one said, I had to call to cancel internet service. 

Two years ago, I decided to bundle telephone & internet service.  I know exactly what date the service is supposed to expire.  Paper billing is usually filled with this fantastic FIOS offer; but, this time they slipped in a notice that the service is due to expire (when?).  I checked my email late January 2013, no email specifying the date of expiry and it was not available on the VZ account.  Hit with a $10.00 increase.  To add insult to injury.  Verizon initially manipulated the price, which was higher than agreed upon.

Moderator, can you answer this question?

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Hello Snookered2,

I apologize, but unfortunately we cannot answer that question. A forum moderator’s job is to maintain the forum itself, so we are typically unable to access accounts or provide support information on an individual basis. Since this is a peer to peer forum, please check for responses to your post.