Verizon Double Play requires FiOS Digital Phone service?

I moved into my house almost 3 years ago and the previous owner had FiOS.  I set up my services for a Double Play using FiOS internet and an old "copper" phone line purposely.  No TV since I am barely home to watch it - we just use a cheapo Walmart antenna to get TV service for the news.  This setup came in handy when FiOS service was out for close to a week after a bad storm in 2010 - no one had phone service other than me.  With FiOS Optimum, they now have new cheaper Double Play deals and when I wanted to switch to the cheaper plan, it now requires that I switch over to FiOS Digital Service.  They state that marketing has set the parameters and the package is for Digital Phone service only.  Does anyone know if this the norm?  I would vey much like to keep my "copper" line if possible.  Quite honestly, if this is the norm, it would be cheaper for me to get Cable internet with the copper line since I don't need the speed.

Re: Verizon Double Play requires FiOS Digital Phone service?
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Verizon is trying to get rid of the old copper lines thus the move to Fiber Optic based Phone service.