Verizon FIOS Home Voice Mail

I'm at the point of pulling my hair out.  I've tried and tried to reach a rep via phone, but no go.  My problem:

I can not figure out how to set my greeting on my voice mail to the computer generated voice that just states my phone number.  If I go into my voice mail, enter my passcode, then press "9", then "1" for greeting, I only have the option of 1) keeping the message that's already there or 2) rerecording a new message.  There is no option "3" like all  tutorials say that should revert it to the 'machine voice'.  

I did reach a rep via e chat and she reset my voice mail.  That did the trick, BUT when I went  through the steps to set up my  voice mail, it made me record a message, and I didn't  get the option of keeping the machine voice.

Anyone have any clue to how I can fix this?  

Thank you.

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Try going to the Fios Voice web site:

Here you can choose which voice mail greeting you want.