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I am a little confused, the verizon phone line that I have that I bought with fios internet, is that digital or analog?, I am assuming its digital.

I have a small business and I use to run a bank credit card machine using the phone line. Since I moved to verizon its not working. The customer service for the machine said, there isa  2-3 second delay on the phone line, like three beeps then a continous line when I pick up the phone, which he is not sure is causing the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this issue.

Do I need to buy an analog emulator to solve this for the credit card machine.


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The beeps you hear on the line when the phone is picked up is the indicator that you have voicemail messages in your voicemail box. You can disable either the voicemail all together, or just have the audible alerts when the line is accessed turned off. There's a different resolution path depending on your decision. Removing voicemail completely requires an order from sales and billing, whereas turning off the audible indicators is a feature change we can put through. Please let us know.