Verizon Heartlessly Grubs for Money With 3 Cent Charge
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Verizon Heartlessly Grubs for Money With 3 Cent Charge

I have a suggestion for Verizon to improve customer service.  Because my agreement in posting on this forum means that I "grant to Verizon and its designees a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive fully-paid up and royalty free license to use any ideas, expression of ideas or other materials you submit (collectively, "Materials") to the Verizon Community without restrictions of any kind and without any payment or other consideration of any kind, or permission or notification, to you or any third party," Verizon can use this suggestion to improve its service and not compensate me, of course.

My suggestion is stop scraping every last penny from customers.  Don't charge a late fee on a balance of less than, say, $10.

Because I had DELIBERATELY OVERPAID my bill many months ago (to the tune of about $240), the balance on my bill 2 months ago, after deducting my monthly fees that wore down the credit balance gradually, was $1.86.  I certainly was not going to use a 50 cent first class stamp to mail in that tiny amount, so I "let it ride" and waited for my next bill.  The following bill had a 3 cent late charge on it for the $1.86!

Did Verizon pay me interest on the overpayment I made? No, but they charge me stupid three cents for a less than $2 payment I didn't make.

That, to me, shows just how heartless and money-grubbing Verizon is.  

It's not bad enough that Verizon increased my bill in October, for NO change in services, but to scrape my wallet for THREE CENTS for an inconsequential balance that they KNEW I would pay in the following bill is cheap and heartless.  I imagine you would agree.

When I called customer service to complain, what was the first thing the agent said?  She thanked me for being a Verizon customer for THIRTY YEARS!  

Is scraping three cents from me, in an attempt to EXTRACT JUST AS MUCH MONEY as Verizon POSSIBLY can, leaving no dollar, no dime, no penny unclaimed by Verizon, a way to thank me?

Does it give me a good feeling about Verizon?  What do you think?

We all know medical charges are high, but wouldn't you feel LESS favorable to your doctor if, in addition to the $250 office visit charge, the office charged you $2.10 for "Waiting Room Chair Usage Fee" and $1.16 for "EKG Machine Electricity Consumption Fee" and $0.55 for "Billing Paper Usage Charge"?