Verizon Home Phone Line

Hi.  My name is Margaret Mahar.  Verizon called me to switch my service over from Broad View to Verizon.   I had a home phone, and business link number with Broad View.  I was told by representative that I would save lots of money,  and that my service would not be interrupted at all,  and that I would have exactly the same service.   This conversation was recorded.  When the men came to change my service,  they left me with a home phone but not a business link line.  Upon calling them,  I was informed that they don't offer that anymore.   So I lost my business link,  and then they did something to my line,  so that I didn't have any phone service for 2 days.   I kept calling Verizon and had to explain this story over and over again.   I have lost a week's worth of business phone calls,  and was mis-informed from the beginning.   Recording was never "found",   and my business link now has to go to my cell phone.  That is supposedly happening today ----we will see!  I wish I never changed from Broad View.   This has been a horrible experience that no one should have to go through.  I feel as though they told me what I wanted to hear just to get in to my house,  and change it over to their system.  The moral of the story:   if Verizon calls trying to get you to change your home phone service:  hang up!

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