Verizon One-bill refuses to correct my bill

on phone verizon keeps sending me to verizon wireless for one-bill correction, wireless sends me back to verizon. no one will correct my bill. i think i have to call Boston and report tis? can anyone help? i already made 5 calls, over 4 hours on the phone and no one fixes my bill. i know & can prove i am right, but both verizon and verizon wireless refuse to give me a fax # to fax bills/pmts/corrections to them.

this is what happened: I cancelled Direct TV on the exact same day and got my credit immediately 11/23/12. I also cancelled my verizon wireless same day and my boyfriend did an account assumption on that day but they are still charging me for his phones.

Verizon One-bill, i paid $77.14 2-5-13 that is what i owe. but you refuse to fix my bill. how many people do you do this to? i do not owe the verizon wireless bill for $72.48 1 mo ahead you have on my Dec bill, you will not delete even though my boyfriend already paid that because he did the assumption on my account. he paid the dates you are charging me for but verizon will not take that amt off my bill.

i also have a $57.40 credit as a final bill showing i not only do not owe the $72.48 but I have a credit due me.

i still have not received my $57.40 credit on my bill either. wireless credit not showing since 11-23-12.

so $121.63 minus the charge already paid by my boyfriend when he did the account assumption -$72.48 equals $49.15 minus wireless credit -$57.40 equals credit -$8.25 on dec bill. jan 2013 bill $85.39 minus credit of -$8.25 equals $77.14 for a correct bill.

not my fault Verizon and Verizon Wireless are not fixing my bill. they are threatening me with a late bill/shut off charges etc that i do not owe.

they are not fixing their bill mistakes re assumption of my wireless by my boyfriend. my pmt makes me up-to-date but verizon still won't fix my bill:  won't delete the $72.48 on Dec bill and won't give me my $57.40 cr from Verizon Wireless from nov 23-Dec 2012. do i have to call boston today?

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