Verizon Phone Outage in Alexandra, VA

Does anyone have any information about the Verizon Phone Outage in the Landmark area of Alexandria, VA that has been going on since Wedl, Oct 15.  All I seem to get is misinformation and the runaround when I call to check on the status of that repair, which I'm told seems to involve underground cables somewhere.  Howevery the Repair phone representatives seem to have absolutely no information on that situation.  What kind of customer-centered communications business can't ensure communications between it's repair people in the field and the people who update paying customers? To placate me, I'm am given a new time when my service will be restored every day, and it's never restored.  I can get no information on when the service will really be restored.  As I generally have very poor and slow Verizon phone and DSL service, this is probably the straw that has broken the camel's back.  Cable service is starting to look very good. And the worst part is, I don't believe that Verizon cares at all if it loses a customer.

Re: Verizon Phone Outage in Alexandra, VA
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call  c/s ,request to forward all the incoming calls to your cell phone , until...........