Verizon Repair Technician Commendation-Alonzo-MFW

Today September 2, 2015, Verizon Splicing Technician Alonzo-MFW came to our Condo to fix our fax line. Since Sunday, August 30, The fax would not send or receive documents.

We have two phone hookup boxes in the office, one on each side to hook up either the phone and fax or both. This is to allow us to move the phone and or fax when we redecorate.

Alonzo worked long and hard to find the problem. He checked the main lines, the office lines, behind the insulation under the desk (he had to crawl under on his knees) but to now avail. He kept at it. He then spotted the problem. An ethernet cable was plugged into the fax line on the side of the room where the phone is plugged in. (Remember we have two boxes and the fax can be plugged into either. The fax was plugged in correctly on one side but the ethernet was plugged in on the other.) Alonzo removed the ethernet and all was well.

We had a new guard working Sunday who  had apparently seen the unhooked ethernet and plugged in into the phone box. (We have a security computer for our entry access program and keep it off line except when we need to update the software.)

Alonzo is not only a good repair person, he is a great detective. We hope his management sees this and compliments him. He makes Verizon look good.