Verizon Representative should be fired
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I just called verizon fios to order home phone service. I currently have fios Double Play. A representative by the name of {edited for privacy}said to me its 49.95. I explain to her that on the internet it states 29.99. You wouldnt believe what she said to me. I wasnt angry or anything just because i asked her how can i make it a triple play she said to me "You should {word filter avoidance} order it online" then she hang up the line. I wish that her manager or someone in higher authority take care of this, because this is not appropriate customer service. And this is wrong. I dont know if i will remain a verizon fios customer after being served like that.

I am **bleep**....

{edited for privacy}

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I am very sorry that you have experienced this. I sent you a private message so I can assist you.

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