Verizon Will Not Upgrade My Area

I resently moved, And at my new home found out that I only had Verizon land line copper service avalible, I reluctently signed on since I do need phone service. The service is very very poor. So bad that we don't even use the line. I see a caller ID and then I call the caller back on Cell phone. The line is full of static and will sometimes stop transmitting my voice. Where the caller on the other end is talking to me, I can hear them, but they do not hear me. No it is not my house wiring, this is with the phone connected to the Verizon Jack Customer Side in my basement. I have discribed the problem to my neighbors and the ones that still have Verizon service say their's does the same things. The ones that have cancelled say that theirs did that when they had Verizon service.

I don't want this crappy old service fixed as Verizon does everytime it storms or water gets into an old copper switch panel 10 miles down the road. I and everyone else in the neighborhood wants Verizon to run a fiber line up this road. Like Verizon does in every other area.

There is no reason why Verizon will not upgrade the lines along my street. 1 mile away in one direction is a private phone company that services my neigbors with Fiber and Cable. 2 miles in the other direction is a different Cable company and Verizon Fiber service. But my neighborhood is stuck on this achient copper line that runs to a switch over 10 miles away at a nearby town. Because we are at some end peninsulla where VZ service ends and this private phone company begins. We are still Verizon customers and this is just plain out neglect of your customers. Otherwise sign over the rights to this area to the Private phone company, they will be happy to take care of the new customers.

My next steps will be to have complaints signed by all my neighbors and delivered to the PUC.

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