Verizon World Plan 300 - Impossible to Manage Your Minutes or Even to Know Your Current Balance
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I've written about this persistent problem before on this board.  A couple of years ago as a matter of fact

Some things never change

It's very obvious that Verizon is not bothering to address the problem, or even acknowledge it

For example, my green usage bar chart shows 187 minutes used as of October 10.  Today is October 28. 

My monthly usage is reset on the 24th of each month.  It should have been reset 4 days ago. But it's still showing usage during the last cycle.

Compare this poor showing with Skype, who gives you up to the minute usage and allows you to effectively manage your minutes

Will it  take customer REFUSAL TO PAY for any overages that may occur to finally get some action? 

Then it will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, FCC etc.

Would even that get any results?

Probably not