Verizon = Worst Excuse for a Company
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I recently started new landline phone and internet service and decided to go with Verizon. My hookup date was a week away. That day came, late that night I got a voice mail on my cell phone that my service was ready. I plugged in my modem and had internet. My phone did not work, couldn't call in or out. I went through the troubleshooting process and finally put in a repair order. One day later I got a dial tone, but still couldn't make or receive calls. Two days later, on the date when the service person was supposed to come, my phone worked. I went online to cancel the repair and the system told me there was no repair order for me. So, later when the repairman called my cell phone to tell me he was there I was surprised. I did ask about not meeting the minimum speeds for upload (download works fine) and the guy told me it might be my inside wiring and no he couldn't fix it, not even for a fee - no one in Verizon would fix it as my plan doesn't include inside maintenance, find an electrician or upgrade my account (how would that help a bad line and if my line was bad why does download work at the stated speed but upload doesn't?) Then I tried to set up my voice mail, but the system kept saying there was no account for my phone number. A couple days more go by and I got an email that said my service was ready (isn't that what the voicemail on my cell phone told me days ago?) I was able to set up my voice mail now though. Then I tried to activate the Verizon Call Assistant. I received mail that said it was included in my plan, but I had to activate it, so I go to do that and it says it's not on my account, so I go to "sign up free" and there is no account for my phone number still (it's a week after my hookup date now.) I can't activate, I can't add, it's already on my account, but it doesn't work - well that's great service I'm paying for Verizon (and be sure that they started billing me days before my landline actually worked - they have notified me of that multiple times in multiple ways.) Today I want to call from one side of Tampa Bay FL to the other, I have regional essentials plan. The system tells me I have to dial a 1 first - hmm, curious. I don't have long distance on my landline (I use my cell for that.) I get on chat and Agent Falco,  tells me that my plan has local and regional calls. Yes, I already knew that and after ten minutes he has given me the run around time and again, tried to upgrade my service, add long distance but can't tell me if it will cost me 25 cents to call across the Bay or not even after I asked him specifically and requested a yes or no answer. He finally said online chat couldn't tell me - can't tell me what the plan his company gave me includes? Why bother even having a chat agent then Verizon? I'm so disappointed in Verizon, not just one problem, but time after time, problem after problem. I used to work for GTE and I put many years of time and effort into it and it seems all for naught since the merger with Bell Atlantic and the forming of Verizon. What has become of my former great GTE? It used to be a shining star and now it is only cow chips, being ground into mud.

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