Verizon closes appointment ticket, phone still out
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Not only did no one show up for my appointment this morning, but they canceled the ticket! The woman at verizon said it was "DI" Apparently that means "Dead Instantly." So now the building super and I have to hang around for one more morning...with construction noises going on outside and no way to contact my husband this evening when I am out. (I have a cell phone, but I have to carry it with me when I go out, and with no phone in the house, I can't husband, who isn't very mobile,and he couldn't contact 911 in an emergency...) is Last time our building lost phone service it took Verizon over two months to fix it, so I guess I should count my blessings if they actually show up tomorrow. Lovely way to treat a 71-year old!

Re: Verizon closes appointment ticket, phone still out
Customer Service Rep

Hello Cjjjjj,

We show the ticket for the service outage has been cleared for your location. Can you confirm you have working services?