Verizon corporate management contacts
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I am trying to find email addresses to contact Verizon corporate management contacts.  They do not seem to care about customers living in rural areas.  I live in a rural area and our phone lines are terrible.  The phone lines are outdated and at least 50 years old.  Verizon employees are constantly working on the lines in our area. All the employees can do is PATCH a line or reset the main box.  This works for few days then back to same problems.  We pay to much money for this constant broken down junk.  it is depressing for the employees as aggravating for the customers. This continuous mess affects the internet also.  My son cannot depend on the internet at home to complete his college work.  My son is fortunate that he has another location with different internet service to complete his off campus college work. The internet is up and down, slow, etc...  Wireless is no good here either.  Verizon does not care about people in my area.  Verizon makes tons of money but uses for selfish reasons rather than take care of your customers.  It is time for Verizon to use that income and replace the lines in our area. The sad part is verizon has a monolopy in our area.  This is another reason for management not to care.  Where else are customers to go?