Verizon dispointed me

It's unbelievable that my phone still not work for dialing long distance for near one month!

I decided to switch to Verizon from Comcast during a recent move. On the first week of Jan., I chatted with Comcast support online asking a permit to port my phone number (908 xxx xxxx) during the scheduled switch on Jan 13, 2018. The Comcast support told me he/she did something on my account that the porting process would go smoothly. I asked a confirmation email. However, the support  told me we had chatting record automatically saved and that should be fine. I saved a pdf file for our chat anyway, just in case.

On Jan 12, 2018, I got a call from Verizon that the scheduled triple_play package installation would be rescheduled a few days later, because a technical issue -- the porting process could not completed in a few more days.

As I really needed the Internet to be installed ASAP, I asked Verizon if a temporary 609 xxx xxxx phone number can be given and the process of porting my 908 number can be followed. Verizon agreed and told me the 908 number will be ported in two or three days, with the installation on next day (Jan 13) as planned.

On Jan 15, I called Comcast to cancel my service and was told the porting process was still not done yet. The support, who did great job to help, established a conference call with Verizon, and the Verizon people told me on the line that I would have my 908 number ported next day.

Unfortunately, I still did not see my number ported in two weeks. During the two weeks, I had called and chatted Verizon support almost every other day, and each time I was told the issue would be resolved in next 24 or 48hrs, and each time I was given the promise that this would be my last contacting Verizon for this issue.

Finally I got my 908 number ported two weeks later. Then I found any long distance calls were failed. I contacted Verizon again. Again and Again, the drama replayed. Multiple promises given that the issue would be resolved in next 24hrs. Last week, I received two calls from Verizon to follow up the issue, and told me just to wait another 24hrs. During the last weekend, a chat support  person promised again for another 24 hrs.  

So many promises and none was true.

In addition, Verizon keeps close my old orders and creating new ones during the process. Verizon did not resolve my problem, but had many entries in their work achievements that so many tickets have been resolved.

Re: Verizon dispointed me
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.