Verizon gave my landline phone number to someone else and now can't fix the problem FOR ME

I have a landline that is used for emergencies only in case my 7 year old son needs to be transported to the hospital for his seizures.  I tried using the phone about 3 weeks ago during some bad weather only to find out there was no dial tone.  Luckily, my cell phone woked.  I contacted Verizon who sent out a technician who found out that the problem "was on their end."  His work order showed someone else's name and address and he went to their house first before coming to mine.  They told him they didn't have a problem so he came to my address.  

I had called my "old" number from my cell phone to see if it would ring and ended up speaking to the husband of the lady who had "my" phone number.  The tech asked them if they were willing to give up "my" number and they agreed to do so.  The tech said he would resolve this issue for me because he'd never seen anything like it before.  Maybe he and his supervisor should visit this forum and see how other customers have had the same issue.  I received two calls yesterday from a Verizon customer support rep who tried to restore my service.  She had to transfer me over to security or some department who treated me very rudely and told me to send a copy of my driver license or a copy of a bill to Verizon because they couldn't approve her order request. She had remained on the line with me.  By this point, I'm getting **bleep** because this is the 2nd time I've been transferred to that verification department and I wanted to ask "Why don't I just send a copy of "my" bill showing my name and phone number as verification?  Would that suffice?"  The cust supp rep tried to explain to her what was going on but I am still without service.  I had already verified my info last year when service was established and don't feel the need to provide this info again.  It's Verizon's mess and they should fix it. 

I am penning my letter to the corporate headquarters today.  I even chatted online with another cust serv rep who was snarky with me until I typed that the chat session would be included with the letter to corporate.  Then she tried to be helpful. What concerns me is even if my number is established, what if it happens again during an emergency?  What about a refund that's owed me for paying for a line that was last used in June 2014 up until the present time?  I want my money back.  I have online banking records showing my payments.  I am thoroughly disappointed in Verizon.  How dare they take my money, turn off my phone, and now can't even restore it.  After I contact their corporate office, if the issue isnt resolved, I am filing a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office as well as the BBB.  I suggest that everyone else who will encounter this problem file a complaint too.

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Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.

Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.

To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe".

Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.