Verizon line "Right of way" blocks wheelchair access of roof deck

I called verizon after the guy next door moved back home after Iraq. Long story short, he's in a wheel chair now and is not able to use his roofdeck to get some sun.

My verizon line was ran directly over his deck after a storm knocked the line out when he was gone.

After getting transfered 6 times I get to 732 269 7481. The wiring dept for PA.

The women on the line begins barking "The utility companys have the right of way" if he wants to get the line moved he can contact verizon business services and pay for it himself. I told her I would post this online. She kept barking about RIGHT OF WAY jargon.

Here is a diagram on what is going on:

After shopping around for new internet service I called back and got transfered 3 times again but asked for direct number this time, but I got a man who said he would send someone out.

Not sure why that women kept barking Right of way talk, but I'm gald he said someone is going to be sent out in two days.

This is really not what I expect from Verizon.

WHO WOULD EVER Run a line this way, that guy should be fired on the SPOT.

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We do apologize about this issue. Please let us know if you have any problems after you technician visit


Tonya D.