Verizon refuses to honor buyout

Hi all, I've spoken to about 5 customer service reps and recieved different answers, so figured it was worth a try asking here. Recently I switched to verizon from a family plan on sprint. I traded in an iphone 6 and recieved $211 trade in value and have $140 left to pay sprint for an early termination fee. I submitted all of the paperwork for the prepaid card but was denied. When I called to try to figure out why, I was told that because my phone buyout  ($211) was more than my early termination fee ($140), they aren't able to supply the prepaid card for the early termination fee. I guess I am still confused as to why. If they can't they can't, but I still haven't found someone who can explain this to me in terms I understand.


Re: Verizon refuses to honor buyout
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