Verizon's Call Blocking Not Working - Spammers sent to VM

I just came on here looking for help re: Verizon’s call block service. Since I’m a new customer of only 2 mos, I’ve been inundated w/spam calls of @ 10 per day on my unpublished home line. Yes, I am paying $5/mo more for that service. Didn’t have same issue w/Comcast for over 20 years. Already signed up w/DNC & Nomorobo & reached Verizon’s 100 limit. I’ve had to go back & unblock old spammers to stay under the 100 limit. No Verizon rep could help me lower the amount of calls even though I know it is Verizon’s fault for this sudden surge of spam calls. So I did my research & found on their own website a page for ‘Privacy’. There are paragraphs for customers to read & if we want OUR OWN INFORMATION SECURED FROM THIRD PARTIES (in other words – we want to ‘opt-out’ of Verizon’s sharing our info, like credit card, telephone #, etc.) WE have to call each individual phone number in each paragraph to get this done. There is no ‘opt-out’ to click on. The final paragraph was the most frustrating – to get my phone number removed from their telemarketing – I had to actually call Verizon’s 800 number to ask for it to be removed. (Don’t get me started on the 4 hr wait time for the return call.) I had to keep that page open & read the words exactly as they were printed. The first rep in the Philippines, of course, had no idea what I was talking about. (This falls under ‘unwanted calls’ for some reason.) So I asked for a supervisor. He came on & said he was aware. I kind of believed him when he said it would take 30-90 days to take effect. Think the spam calls have gone down to @ 5 a day so far, & that includes the weekends.

Now today, 8/12/18, I have a new issue w/Verizon’s call blocking. Two blocked numbers have managed to get thru to my VM after 2 rings. Their stupid VM messages were re: cleaning sales. This isn't the first time this has happened. Calls were from different BLOCKED phone numbers but within a minute of each other. Yet they all got through to my Verizon VM.   So what is up with that Verizon??

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