Very Disappointed

To Whom it May Concern,


I am writing this in regards to a disappointment my mother had with Verizon.  


She signed up with Verizon back in November 2017 and got the Internet/Cable/Phone Package.  She was very pleased with the Internet and Cable.


However, the phone did not work properly since November. Whenever she called out, the person she called would see a different name that was not my mother’s on their caller ID. Both, my mother and I, called MULTIPLE times about this issue and we would get multiple answers but no solutions. We were told to give it 24-48 hours, one person told me to wait 5 days. We had a few people tell my mother and I on separate calls that everything was fine on Verizon’s end and that we should call my mother’s friends and have them call their phone companies to check if they had updated their records. Ridiculous. Verizon’s customer service promised to call us back. They never did. It went on like this for weeks. The next resolution from them was to change her number. So we did that as well. Again, we had the same problem.They told her they would charge her $40 for this. She should not be charged for this as this is not something she wanted.


We’ve have been calling since February. We were on the phone with customer service for hours at a time, spoke to more than one person at a time. My last call on April 13th, I spoke to 5 people.


After having nothing but patience for months, we ran out of it. We called on April 13th, and explained this issue over and over as we were passed along from person to person. On the 5th person, I spoke with Cecil. We explained that we wanted to be reimbursed for the telephone service from November until present. He told us that the value of the telephone is $10 per month. This does not make sense as the bundle price is $79.99. But we agreed and were willing to accept $60 credit. Cecil told us that he would only credit us $20. We felt insulted and we decided at this point to cancel services. He told us that there would be a $190 cancellation fee for breaking the contract. We did not break the contract. Verizon broke the contract by not giving us a service we were paying for. We paid Verizon every month and in full. We fulfilled our part of the contract. We should not have to pay this fee.


We felt like we were giving the run-around for months.  Again, we paid Verizon every month and in full. And for $60 they let go of a customer very easily. We were not treated as valued customers as you guys promise. We are very disappointed, especially in your customer service.


I would like to be contacted regarding the cancellation fee.




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Re: Very Disappointed
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.