Very Poor Call Quality

Last week, a technician came to my house to resolve an internet issue.  He resolved the issue by installing a new box in the basement.  However, I believe this caused another issue.  After he left, my phone calls immediately were of very poor quality.  I called tech support once, and the issue seemed to go away, but later that day it came back.

Basically, When I'm on the phone, I can only hear every other word the other person is saying.  It makes some calls impossible to comprehend.  This problem is not consistent.  It seems to go away and come back. 

I called tech support again.  They reset the service to my house.  I checked all the jacks and did a bunch of monkey business at their command.  The problem has not been resolved.  I plugged my phone directly into the box downstairs and the problem exists there too, so I know it's not the wires in my house.  As I'm typing, I'm on hold again waiting for tech support to answer (I'm using a cell phone because my landline is useless).  This is crazy for the price I pay.  I expect better service than this. 

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Customer Service Rep

Hi BrunoSal,

Are you still having this issue?  We'd love to have a look at it for you if it's still occuring, just let us know 🙂