Voice Mail indicators on handset won't work

Have had Panasonic phone for many years and Verizon Voice Maill. New message always produced flashing light on handset and "New Voice Mail" on display.

Bought new Panasonic Dect 6.0 phone two weeks ago. Still get stutter tone, but no display message or flashing indicator. Panasonic says new phone requires FSK signal from phone company to activate these features, not stutter tone. Several Verizon support personnel have been contacted. None know what FSK is, and none can figure out how to fix problem. One left me a message (with no call-back #) saying my account has no such feature or capability. So I plug the old phone back in, and magically it works just as always....


Re: Voice Mail indicators on handset won't work
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Verizon does use FSK signaling for Visual Message Waiting Indicator. Since your old phone does react to the signaling it is possible the issue may reside with your new equipment. As with any trouble shooting there are always unknown variables but it's always best to eliminate the most likely culprits first.





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