Voicemail issues ... CSRs useless

Since calling and talking to customer service is apparently useless, I'm going to post my issue here since the last time after posting here the issue got fixed, although it created another issue which did get fixed but then created the original issue again. But let's try.

Early January I changed my voice package to Freedom Essentials because it offered OnePoint VM with multiple mailboxes.  I didn't get multiple mailboxes, just one.  After calling multiple times a day for two weeks and being told that it would be fixed in one hour, two hours, by end of day or the next day I decided to post the issue on this forum.  In two days I had multiple mailboxes. However, upon receiving my bill, I was being charged $9.50 for Home VM w/multiple mailboxes.  I call and get a credit and I'm told the "glitch" was taken care of and the charge wouldn't appear on future bills.  Next bill comes and there is the $9.50 charge for Home VM w/multiple mailboxes.   So I call again and again I'm told the same thing.  Next bill comes and, voila, there again is the charge.  This time I was assured by "David" that he fixed the issue of being charged for something that is included with my package.  Well, he did fix the issue of being charged but whatever he did removed my multiple mailboxes.  Again, I call.  I'm transferred to "Ruby" in tech support.  After being on hold with her for 30 mins she tells me that she's still working on it and it's going to take some time and that she would call me back that evening (4/5) around 4:30pm.  No call.  So on 4/7 I filled out Verizon's online support form.  That too was a waste of time.  It's now 4/13 and I'm still waiting for "Ruby's" call and I still don't have multiple mailboxes.  This is my last resort as I'm running out of patients with Verizon.

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