Voicemail landline

I am extremely frustrated with Verizon. It is nearly impossible to speak to an actual person. I came home today and my phone was blinking and showing that I had a new VM message. When I pressed the VM button on my Panasonic phone, instead of entering my four diget pin, I was asked to enter my mailbox number. That has never happened before. I never had to enter my phone number unless I was calling in from another phone. I listened to my messages then I erased them. The light kept blinking showing that I had a new voicemail, but I did not. I tried several things but nothing worked. The phone keeps blinking showing I have a new voicemail. Any help will be most appreciated.

Re: Voicemail landline
Community Leader
Community Leader

Sounds like a problem with your phone, not Verizon voice mail.

You should make sure the "voice mail" button is programmed with the correct numbers to access voice mail (usually *86)

As to the message waiting indicator, sometimes phones miss the signal to turn of the light.  Most phones have a menu entry that will let you manually turn of the light.  Check the manual for your phone if you don't know how to do this.  Google may help as well.

Good luck.