Voicemail not anwsering calls from wireless phones
There is some kind of inconsistency that is preventing some calls from some wireless users being answered by my Verizon digital phone landline voicemail. Another Verizon landline user I know has experienced the same thing. The symptom of the problem is that a wireless caller hears continues ringing tone and the called Verizon landline also rings continuously but the unanswered call never gets answered by the called party's voicemail. I have a Sprint cell phone and can consistently produce this problem with my Verizon digital voice landline and my friends Verizon landline (both are FIOS). In this case, after around 3 minutes of continuous ringing the Sprint call fails with a recording that the call cannot go thru. The Verizon call log of the called party at this point shows three consecutive calls from this cellphone (with "missed call" status) at consecutive one minute intervals. While I've monitored this you can detect a short pause in the ring cadence after each minute of continuous ring which suggests the receiving Verizon end is "seeing" a new call after each minute. When I call from my Sprint phone to my Verizon landline while it is busy then the call fails quicker but never gets answered by voicemail. I have a friend with both Verizon wireless and digital voice landline service. When she calls her Verizon landline on her Verizon wireless while at home then after 4 or 5 rings her landline voicemail picks up. When she repeats this same test while at work (about 10 miles from her home) then it takes a couple of minutes (15 rings or so) before her Verizon landline voicemail answers. Another Verizon wireless caller called my friend's Verizon landline and reported the same problem: the call kept ringing without being answered by voicemail. So the problem appears to be related to wireless calls to Verizon digital voice landlines (FIOS) and seem to vary depending on how far away the wireless caller is (or what network they're on)? I assume these are not isolated instances and that others may have encountered the same. I assume it's not that common for someone to call their own Verizon landline from their cellphone, (since you'd dial the voicemail access number instead to pickup any messages). I've tried reporting this to both Verizon wireless and Verizon FIOS/digital voice but the only from of contact I'm able to find is via "chat" and it's not clear how effective this mode of communication is for reporting this kind of problem. It's unclear whether the problem's on the wireless or FIOS digital voice side. I'm guessing there must be some kind of in-band signal that's either present (or missing) that causes the called party's voicemail not to answer the call.
Re: Voicemail not anwsering calls from wireless phones
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You can also try some of the options here: Support page has a variety of ways to contact Verizon, including “Ask Verizon,” our virtual chat agent, and customer support phone numbers.