Vonage to Verizon Fios Digital Telephone

Thinking about moving from Vonage to Fios Digital Telephone. Anyone here with experience doing this?

Does Verizon provide a VOIP box to replace my Vonage box?

Re: Vonage to Verizon Fios Digital Telephone
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Fios Digital voice does a switch over at the ONT from VOIP.  From there it looks like conventional "copper" connection to your phones.  Conventional phones are used not VOIP phones.  ONT's are normally placed at are near the point of entry into the house.  Sometimes inside sometimes outside.

Re: Vonage to Verizon Fios Digital Telephone
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I recently switched from Vonage to Fios digital voice.  I am an existing FIOS customer with TV and Internet.

Here is how the day went.  

Truck arrived at 12:00pm.

We disconnected the Vonage Phone Line from my router and wall jack.

Tech ran a wire from my phone jack to ONT.

No Dial Tone

Tech went to truck to port vongae to VZ via her Blackberry.

Returned 2 minutes later and she told me to pick up phone and see if I had dial tone

Verified Dial Tone.

Placed call successfully

Received a call successfully

Tech left at 12:30pm.

Went to STB, enabled Caller ID on TV.

Within 24 hours Caller ID was working on TV.