WARNING IRS Scam Phone calls

Today 5/20/16 at 1:47 Pm I got call from the following:{edited for privacy} As lead number, followed by {edited for privacy}.

 The badlly edited robotic voice, told me to call back, They were the IRS and wished me luck if I didn"t call back.

Yesterday 5/19/16 at 3:46Pm this number called me:{edited for privacy}Followed by {edited for privacy}

I can narrow down to only two places these scam artist got my phone number. and both sites I was on had support coming out of  I**a neither of the sites support person was of much help, but they sure wanted a lot of detail information from me. I declined to give, pretty much told them where to go and what to do with themselves on the way there. I just had bad feeling about both sites and support persons, and sure enough my gut was right. Because now here comes the scam calls. Sad thing is both companies are leaders in the industry and should  demand better training, and background checks  for their sub contractors hiring practice, in addititon to having servere penalties for those caught filtering out our information, to their crooked buddies in the States

Re: WARNING IRS Scam Phone calls
Customer Service Rep
Hi asultrywmn, We have an unlawful call center that you can report this to at: 800 518-5507 Thanks, ~Frank