Waiting *TWO WEEKS* to get landline phone cable fixed???

I told Verizon on Friday, Sept. 9 that there was heavy static on all my landline phones.  The next morning (Sat., Sept. 10), a Verizon technician called me on my cell phone to say there was a defective cable and that it would take until Tuesday, Sept. 13 to get the cable fixed.  Now none of my landline phones have a dial tone.  When I called Verizon just now, they tell me it will now take *TWO WEEKS* for the cable to be replaced!  And that this is "normal," whether there is flooding or not.  *THIS IS RIDICULOUS!*  Verizon rep tells me she will put in an accelerated repair ticket but still, this is extremely frustrating!  Meanwhile, during this weekend, my DSL Internet has sometimes worked and sometimes it doesn't!  Is this related to the same cable problem?  If this continues, I will seriously consider changing my ISP and phone carrier!

Is there anyone else in Brooklyn, in New York City, or in the surrounding areas who has the same problem?

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What you're experiencing is reflecting several different issues...

a) A significant portion of the copper plant in Brooklyn is exposed, which means that it's more prone to failures from extreme weather conditions. Add backup load from the strike and you get serious delays in repair times.

b) The good news is that majority of Verizon's outside field force is working 12-hour shifts 7 days a week to restore service. My understanding is that cable maintnence crews are active 24/7 so it shouldn't take that long for your service to be up and running.

c) DSL will often work on half a twisted cable pair, where dialtone won't.

Having both lived and worked in Brooklyn at different stages of my life, I feel for you. All I can say is: hang in there, help should be just around the corner.

Good luck.