Want to keep dsl but Verizon will not let me get rid of landline, or even downgrade!!
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I have been speaking with customer service today trying to at the very least, because of financial difficulties at this time, a downgrade to the most basic landline package I can get with no avail. I get told go to the services page and lock in my price for two years for what I already have. There's no way to change it online. Customer service just keeps trying to sell me the same thing that I do not want. I know there used to be a way to get a dry loop for the dsl, but at the time that the change went into affect that Verizon was no longer offering it, I needed the home phone and could afford it. Now it's just too high and I just want the internet. If I have to keep the phone line activated, fine but it would be nice if someone would work with me on this instead of giving me the run around and trying to sell me something I don't want. I am seriously fed up right now. The last few times I've spoken with customer service it's been awful.

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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  If you want an answer from Verizon, well, I think you already know what to do... call or chat with them.

It's my understanding that Verizon no longer offers dry loop DSL.  That's probably why you can't reduce your service to just DSL.

An alternative provider may be willing to offer you dry DSL.  Do some searching around the web for DSL providers and contact them.  You may be able to find what you want.  Or not.

Good luck.