Was told on the phone that I was now a Voice Link customer. I never signed up for that!

I had a question about my service this morning, I had hung up my phone real quick to redial a number and heard a 3 way calling ringtone which was weird because I don't pay for that service, I called Verizon today to ask about that and was told that they couldn't talk to me about the account because it was a Voice Link account and I had to talk to the Voice Link Dept which wouldn't be open till Monday.  First off, I never agreed to any changes at all in my existing phone service which is flat-rate local extended service on the POTS with taxes and fees total bill right at 40 bucks a month.  No one has come out here to install anything else, nor would I let anyone come out here and install anything else because I don't want anything else but my Flat-Rate Local Extended POTS telephone service.  I thought Voice Link was on the cellular netowrk?  I've still got the copper running off the pole to the NID and into my house.  Really just wondering what's going on and why the folks on the phone wouldnt even talk to me about it.  I spoke to 3 people, none would give me a straight answer.  The first person told me that I was a Voice Link customer and that Voice Link was a program they created for folks who experience a lot of storms.  I've called in a couple of complaints in the past but it wasn't huge storm damage, just a couple of problems up on the pole that didn't get fixed right the first time.  The second person told me that I qualified for Voice Link Service and that I would have to talk to a Voice Link person if I wanted to talk about my account.  If I qualify for a service but don't yet have it why would I have to speak to a person from the department I don't have service with before I can talk to someone in the department I do have service with?  The third person told me if I wanted my flat rate telephone service I would have to have Voice Link which is why she said that I already have it  Otherwise I'd have to move to another pay-by-the-minute plan which she made sound as horrible as she possibly could.  I never agreed to any of this at all.  I don't want to give up my service.  If I wanted my home phone calls on the cellular network I'd just use my iPhone for everything and not even have the landline.  How can you change my service without even asking?  It's not like this is a new account, I've never missed a payment, never been cut off.  I'm going to call and talk to these Voice Link people tomorrow and unless things get back to normal right then and there I'll be calling the Public Utilities Comission filing a complaint, and then see where we go from there.  Anybody else have this happen to them or experience anything like this?  I'm just outside Houston TX in case anyone is wondering what part of the world this is happening in.