Web site totally screwed up.
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Your web site is totally screwed up. There appears to be no way to reach the FIOS voicemail pages.
Clicking on the big gray "My Verizon" at the top and then clicking on "Check Voicemail" leads to the following page:
Verizon FiOS® Digital Voice
Page Not Found !!!
The page you were looking for has either been moved or removed. As an option, you may visit the following links on FiOS® Digital Voice.

Home Page
Calls & Messages
Phone Book

These links just lead back to the same page. None of them works as one would expect.

Also, it took several minutes to find a webmail page that actually worked. Eventually I found the page https://webmail.verizon.com/signin/Login.jsp.

I suggest that you send your so-called "web developers" to school to learn how to make web sites. They could also go to http://www.w3.org/ and learn a few things, too. They've always produced an incredibly inferior product.

The FIOS voicemail worked (although as poorly as ever) just a few days ago. Now it appears that this feature that I have been paying for is no longer available. I expect that my rates will now be reduced since you are offering less service.

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