What Happened to Blow Away our Voice Mail Access Configuration ?
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First we noticed that the VM indicator was stuck on, even though we had no new msgs

Then when discovered that when we press VM access it no longer works, requiring a manual input.

We had everything set up just the way we wanted it

Press VM access, then the phone number and passcode are automatically dialed and we retrieve our msgs.

Simple and easy. 

It appears there may have been some CHANGE - perhaps some well intentioned but not appreciated - SECURITY CHANGE at the server level

What can we do to re-program our phones so we can retrieve VM as we did before ?  Is that even possilbe?

Or are we being forced to enter our own phone number and passcode manually each time?


Re: What Happened to Blow Away our Voice Mail Access Configuration ?
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Hello ChuckB,
Based on what you stated you are dialing the same phone number and using the same password as you always have which shows means there is no change in your service.  The programming in your physical phone is not part of the Verizon set up which means it has lost its programming for some reason.  If when you press your VM button and it has stopped dialing the voice mail access number and password as you had originally set it up you will need to refer to the manual for that particular phone model on how to reset it up again.  If you no longer have your phones manual you should be able to locate one on the manufactures web site.  Unfortunately we do not have information for individual phone sets.