What does Verizon want?

What does Verizon prefer? Does Verizon prefer mailing statements to me or does Verizon think allowing me to (1.) receive eMail notifications (so that I can then login to Verizon and download my statements) AND ALSO (2.) receive notifications at my Bank's BillPay that my Verizon bill is available is LESS cost effective than using the USPS to send statements to me? Why do I ask such a silly question? Because, whereas I had decided some years ago to "go green" and everything was rolling along smoothly and I was receiving eMail notifications that my bills were available, I decided to try letting my bank ALSO notify me that my bill was available, then suddenly, Verizon, as if to punish me, cut off the electronic (you know, eMail?) notification and began mailing statements to me. I don't get it. What am I missing? Which costs more: (1.) printing and mailing bills, or (2.) simply letting the Verizon computer notify me two different ways?